I started this off with a bio i had from my other site. I soon realized that i needed and wanted to be more real and less for marketing. I want this blog to be for me and for the real people that may follow me on my journey. I created this blog because i love people. I also have diabetes and wanted to do what i could to reach the people with diabetes. I have done alot and you can see some of my clips on my sites and even at the CNN clip above. This is for the thousands i hope to meet along the road. I am a son, a father, a person who loves his faith and i hope to be a great husband one day. I love to cook as i am called “The poor chef” I love simple things and hope to find my small place on some island sitting back recalling the days i lived my life to the full. I think thats what most of us want. To find our slice of life and to enjoy it healthy. I hope you enjoy my story and this journey.

My web site http://charlesmattocks.com


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4 thoughts on “ABOUT CHARLES”

  1. Charles you are such an inspiration. Good luck with all the amazing and much needed work that you are doing.

  2. Junior Darrell said:

    This man is a God-send and is on a mission to help people make their life better and achieve prime health despite their diabetes. This is a fantastic initiative and I wish you continued success!

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