With diabetes numbers growing all over the world and in the U.S.A we wanted to find the best way to reach the people. The grass roots movement is the best. Nothing better than meeting the people where they live and touching lives right in our own backyard. We will start from one end of the country to the other end of the country meeting some of the amazing people of diabetes. From children’s hospitals,Dr offices, military bases and scores of other locations along the way.


We aim to reach millions

Stopping in each city we will not only give out information of diabetes and healthy eating, but they will have a chance to talk with one of our diabetes experts. We will be able to inspire and we hope educate people on diabetes. This is about encouragement and empowerment. When Charles found out he had diabetes he knew his mission would be to share his story, his story then became the story of over 30 million right here in the Unites States that are looking to live the best life they can with diabetes.

IMG_0459We will be seen

We will do press in most cities and scores of radio and online news outlets. We will also give away a free subscription to a major diabetes publication. We hope to encourage those that need to be tested to get tested. We hope to encourage those that know they have diabetes to educate themselves on food and exercise and also know about the complications and how to avoid them. Many suffer for diabetes foot issues and simple steps can help someone to stay healthy. We will film the rest of our documentary as well as a piece we look to air on P.B.S on the RV tour. We thank those in diabetes that stepped up to get this mission going and cant wait to see the many faces. Below you will see one of those faces and her story, we hope to see and tell yours.



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