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I had the amazing privilege to attend the IDF event, world congress in Australia. It has been a great time and a joy to be around people from around the world who have a passion for diabetes. Never would i have thought i would have been here for the diabetes cause and movement. I was able to sit in on many talks and speeches and film some great people for the documentary. I think getting a global outlook on diabetes and hearing the thoughts of those on the front line will bring a global outlook on diabetes. It is very sad at the end of the day that the people still need the information and education and the lack of funding seems to be key. The people with the most passion cant get the funds to reach or help the people who need it most. I think this will be a problem for some time to come. The time to act is now and i feel that if we come together we can help slow the tide. Here is a clip from a interview i did at the world congress. I am now ready to get back to the states and hit the road on the RV tour and wrap up the film. We have some great things going in Jamaica for diabetes as well and look forward to getting back to that. Enjoy and will post alot more in the next few days.