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We had some great stops in Florida and now head to Atlanta and the Nashville and then a few other cities. We were all set to do CNN and then got the news about half hour before we were about to leave to head to CNN that the pres was doing a speech. We have met some unreal people and heard some stories that will just blow you away. Some of it has been very sad, the sad thing about diabetes is that the help is just not there, we aim to make a dent but its a up-hill battle. We were able to stop at a dialysis center and even the downtown library in Atlanta. What a joy it has been and the media has been showing us alot of love. Lots more to do but we keep fighting each day, its gonna be tuff going across the country as its not easy at all, driving and stopping at hotels is a challenge but one we are up for. We will keep you posted as we keep going on the road.