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Glutathione and Inflammation

Glutathione is one of the central defense mechanisms the body uses to protect itself against the dangerous effects of chronic inflammation. Keeping your glutathione levels optimized is thus an important health and wellness strategy to help ensure a good quality of life. 

Inflammation is a tool used by our bodies to protect itself against infection and damaged or abnormal cells.

Chronic inflammation however is something quite different and can lead to a large number of problems including those experienced by diabetics. It is for that reason that inflammation needs to be tightly regulated by your body.

Glutathione is a little molecule that exists in all the cells of our body. It plays many different roles in protecting our health. Unfortunately glutathione levels tend to be very low in cases where chronic inflammation is present; this in turn leads to even more inflammation.

The presence of chronic inflammation in diabetes causes an ongoing damage to the different organs and tissues affected. Part of this damage is due to the fact that the circulatory system becomes “stickier” to inflammatory cells and thus blockages of the small vessels are more likely to occur. These changes can lead to further depletion glutathione which in turn starts to have a body wide or systemic impact.

So an important question is how do I keep my glutathione levels optimized? You cannot eat glutathione directly; your cells need to produce it!  The best way is by providing the precursors or building blocks that all cells can use to make their own glutathione. This is essential for your body to fight inflammation.

It is not surprising that the answer can be found in nature. Human milk is the ideal delivery system for these precursors and this is one of the many reasons it is so beneficial for the baby. However for obvious reasons this is not practical.

Over 40 years ago a team of researchers led by Dr Gustavo Bounous from McGill University in Montreal began looking at delivery systems  and found that the ideal one came from a  derivative of cow’s milk as it contained the critical proteins shared with human milk.

This product was eventually commercialized under the trade name IMMUNOCAL and is sold by Immunotec in the United States , Canada and Mexico. It is listed in the major reference that all doctors and pharmacists use, the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference).

Take action today and make a lifestyle change! Improve your nutrition and increase your glutathione levels to avoid the serious long-term effects of chronic inflammation.

For more info http://www.immunotec.com/thepoorchef