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I  must say, this was one of the best trips i have ever had. I would say number one because of the company, number two the things we were able to accomplish, number three the country and the lovely island. I would say i gained about 5 pounds with all the good foods. So if i didn’t have diabetes before i left i am sure i could get it. Now thats not to say the food is not of quality but i allowed myself to go wild for a few days. The food tasted so good and when you have family and friends from the country they know all the little side spots that will blow you away.

We met with the biggest TV station in the island and they loved the idea of the show, we also met with Mrs Lyn who owns the restaurant Island Grill, they have some great food and were hoping to do some big things with her. The list goes on and on as we ran from Negril to Montego bay and Kingston. The whole time just having great times and singing and eating and laughing. If you need to find yourself and take a few days away to just enjoy life i would suggest finding a few good friends, getting away for a few days and leaving the cell phone and Facebook behind and enjoying the simple things of life. We are hoping to have the show up and running in the next few months and working on finding my own little spot to open where i can just enjoy the good life.