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Proud to feature someone I have known for many years, she is a beautiful mother daughter and all around amazing woman. Her passion for health and people fuels her each day.

Sandra Avelli is a Personal Trainer and a Sports Nutrition Consultant out of the Minneapolis metro area. She also is a fitness model and competitor. In 2007 she began competing in the NPC in figure where she now has taken first place in three categories; figure, bikini and physique.

Sandra does what she does so that she can inspire others and motivate them to lead a healthy lifestyle.  She is not an extremist, but rather prefers a life of balance and true function. Her philosophy on nutrition is that food was created with purpose.  Each vegetable, fruit, meats etc., have ingredients that serve a purpose.  Finding out what combination of foods are best suited for your lifestyle and own personal make up is quite a science. Whether you are an athlete or an individual who wants to function to your fullest potential, there is a way for you.


For serious inquires avelligirl@me.com http://www.horsepowersc.com