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Today is one of those days. Now the thing I like about this blog and that we should like about blogs is that we want them to be real. Real is the new cool the new hip. The truth in the time we live in sounds much better than any stories. We now live in a time where TMZ shares all our lovely celebs in their full glory of either being arrested or drunk, the list goes on. We seem to love them just the same, it seems they can do no wrong and the crazier they are the more people love them. So thats why I like this blogging, because its meant to be real and share and speak whatever is on our minds. Well today is one of those days, I wonder at times if the work i am doing is worth it. You don’t get many pats on the back, and god knows I am not looking for them. You don’t get any awards, well maybe you do, not sure I have been nominated for any, and at times you don’t even get a thank you. There have been many a brave souls that started on this save the world diabetes journey, I know I have met many. It seems after some time at waging holy war on the wrongs in diabetes they seem to find themselves all alone with little support and little funding from the same community they have been trying to save. Now I am not just saying this because I think, this I am saying this because I have shared many a story with the pioneers and the writers and the now bloggers and the folks who fight day in and day out to help just one life. And I must say the overwhelimg resolve is that many still continue to do what they can, but have given up the war and engage in smaller battles when they can.

I dont want to stop

I must say, i don’t want to stop the war and will continue the battle. This can get at times overwhelming as i have seen so many hurting and so many that don’t have a voice. Now i am not speaking for the amazing people of diabetes that do many great walks and races and help out where they can. I am talking about the millions that don’t know about the walks or have the good Dr care, the ones that we never see.

The running joke I hear from the doctors I work with is that the best customer for a drug company is one that spends a lot of money maintaining the conditions that they have. Statins have been a huge profit center for drug companies because the customer must be on statins for the rest of their lives, and many people have high enough cholesterol to warrant their use. But is that ‘avoiding a cure’ or ‘striking gold because everyone has to buy your product forever and ever.

In socialist countries, medical professionals traditionally earned little. Everybody made about the same, and even car mechanics and taxi drivers made more than medical doctors. Because a medical career as a researcher, surgeon or physician did not result in money or power, the only people pursuing it were genuinely interested in the medical field and making people better. Such a system tries to keep people healthy out of love for the patient and the profession itself.

Enter capitalism. In a free market, pharmaceutical companies would compete in finding the best cures and sell them at competitive prices. They wouldn’t get very rich because people, with their help, would generally be healthy. The causes for diseases like MS, Alzheimer, ALS, Fibromyalgia, Crohn’s, ME, Thyroiditis, IBD, Arthritis, CFS, Psoriasis, FMS, Schizophrenia and thousands of others with unknown etiology would be identified and an effective cure would be developed. There would be no need for symptom relief from cradle to grave. There would be little profit in pharmacy. The modern healthcare monopoly has nothing to gain by keeping people healthy – on the contrary, the more symptom relievers sold, the more seaworthy the shareholders’ yachts.

They deliberately do not delve into the real causes of disease, because that would lead to the slaughter of the goose with the golden eggs: The need for eternal symptom relief.

They control the careers of professors and scientists. They fool us into thinking they are there to help us. They are the world’s most powerful lobby and they will not rest until every human being on the planet is their slave. Only when we are medicated from cradle to grave, only when we will be wholly dependent on their expensive pills, only when most of the money we make goes into their pockets they will be satisfied.

So with all that being said. I wont stop the war, even though at times its very straining and leaves one a bit depressed. We need to come together and stand up and let the world know that we are not just a number, we are not just 380 million or 4.8 million deaths from diabetes, that we are faces and mothers and daughters. We are your co-workers and wives. Don’t get me wrong, i cant speak for all companies, I do work with some great companies that do great work and truly and trying to make a difference. I do think you can mix the two. But I would love to see some of the people who make the wheels roll head down to a local dialysis center or a hospital where someone is trying to save a leg and see that this is not just about the bottom line, this is about saving lives. This blog should also not scare away any companies, in fact i hope they will work with me and help reach more people and get them tested, help them become educated so that these people can live healthier lives. They may need meds at times, but we can make that life a better one for them and their children.