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So its been a few days. I have been very busy working away on the RV tour. I must say i am going non stop and full force. I feel at times like a one man team, and at times i am. I have a serious passion for what i am doing. The work is needed and the mission can help many people. At times you may be the only one fighting for someone or something. I am in Canada working with a great company that has come on board to help with the RV tour. They have a product that i take and that is the master anti-oxidant and great for diabetes. You can find alot of info on the web about the product. But it has been a roller-coaster of emotions and a true fight. Nothing comes easy i must say that. When this is finally on the road i must say, it will be fulfilling. I have seen a lot in the last 2 months of putting this together. At times to be honest it has not been pretty, but you keep fighting know that it is for the people. But here i am in lovely Canada and staying at a great place and happy to be one more step closer. By the way, this is my view from my hotel room.