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I must say, i do love when i find people that are as passionate about diabetes as i am. It moves me to work with them and become a strong unit. As you can read below they are trying to not only educate and inspire. This is a movement, we stand up to have those take notice. Lets work together and help support the people who wake everyday trying to make change for not only themselves but you.

The Save the Pancreas Project is an educational initiative, whose mission is to prevent the growth of type 2 diabetes and obesity in children through education and advocacy programs designed to teach children (Pre-K – 12) the concepts of simple glucose physiology and the role that nutrition and exercise play in building healthy bodies and lives. The Save the Pancreas Project educational programs will enable children to become advocates for their own health because they will truly understand the need to eat healthier foods and become more physically active. This is why it’s so important to “Save the Pancreas” and in the process stop the growth of the two most pressing global health pandemics facing the world.

Comic Book

This comic book is the first edition in a series of comic books, animated short stories and interactive games that will tell the story of the pancreas and how it battles to control glucose. Through our characters, stories and games children will learn the simple concepts of glucose physiology and how nutrition and exercise play a major role keeping them healthy.  An educated healthier child becomes a educated, healthier adult. This is how we end the cycle of obesity and diabetes.

Our comics, animated stories and educational, interactive games will be made availabe in both English and Spanish to begin with and as we continue our mission, we will translate our materials in all languages that need it.  Our goal is to make all of our educational content free of charge to those who need it.

For more info http://www.savethepancreasproject.org/Comic_Book.html