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You know getting the diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes has literally changed my life. 2 years ago I was diagnosed with prediabeties….I started out great…but with illness and surgery I had fallen off the wagon. Having someone take care of you is no easy chore…I ate what ever was put in front of me. and even after I was better I ate the same way. I was 5′ 7″ and over 250lbs….I was a mess. But then last June I was given the devastating news of Type 2. At that time in my life I thought it was devastating but I was wrong. It has saved my life. I was headed down the road of mass destruction when my doctor gave me the news. I had high blood pressure, my triglycerides where through roof. They were so high they couldn’t even get an LDL on me. I was headed for a heart attack and at my age was devastating, I am only 42.
So with this I started my journey with Type 2 diabetes. First thing I did was construct a great support team. This included my loved ones, my doctor, my nutritionist, and I have a health coach. Then I educated myself….just because we have this diagnoses doesn’t mean life as we know it has ended. Use it as a tool…you will benefit from having it. I then started with my diet….I know I hate that word too….I couldn’t use that word…DIET. It is an icky word for me and has always been a hidden sign for failure. I had to change my lifestyle…plan and simple. I had to take this seriously…it meant to me that if I didn’t do something about it, I would loose everything. This meant that I wouldn’t see my children grow up, I wouldn’t see them get married, or even grand babies. I wouldn’t live long enough to grow old with my better half. Everything I have listed here is my everything. With my diet in mind I took the bull by the horns. I cut out everything that was white, was in a can, and that was not a lean protein. I don’t eat anything that is in a can, if I need to whatever it is, it has to have less than 5 ingredients.. I started reading labels, I educated myself on what those labels were really telling me. I eat really only fresh foods…..if I can’t pull it out of the ground or get it from the store fresh then I don’t eat it. It was very important that I watch my carbohydrates, cause that it what hurts you the most. I also keep a food journal, I write down everything I eat. This keeps me honest because I don’t want to write down anything I am not suppose to eat so anyone can see it. Another thing I found that was helpful was when ever I went out whether it was to town or to a friends, I packed a snack bag. It has in it a bottle of ice water, a Glucerna Health Smart Shake, and a container that has 3 different snack in it. This way if I got hungry or I just needed a little something, I wouldn’t be tempted to stop at a convenience store and by the things I shouldn’t have. Always rely on yourself and not others to provide what you need.  With this plan in place, I ran with it. And it has been a tough journey….believe me. But with the help and encouragement of my support team, I am getting there.
I also, started walking 5 miles a day…and it took me awhile to actually get there…I was overweight and out of shape. It was tough…no more excuses as to why I couldn’t…it was always “Lets Do This Thing”. My life was counting on it, and that was something I had to take seriously. Even if you can only do a little in the beginning…you will benefit from it in the long run.
So, today I am happy to report that I have dropped 70lbs and I have dropped 6 pants sizes. And the funny thing is….I am not done yet. I have about 20 more pounds to loose. My doctor has taken me off my Metformin, my Cholesterol medicine, my high blood pressure medicine. I also, I been taken off of my C-PAP machine. Believe me this has been a tough journey with it’s ups and downs…I wasn’t always perfect through this, but with hard work and dedication you can accomplish anything! I still have to monitor my blood sugar daily and if things go start to go bad again I have to go back go back on the medicine. But if I work continue to work hard and stay on track it will be a long time before that will happens.
By Jodi Wang