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Our trip to India. This was a dream of mine for years. I must say you can dream dreams and never truly think they will become a reality. So for years i have wanted to go to a few countries. India was one that i would dream of the foods and the people and being able to tell my children one day of my journeys. India is also one of the highest rates of diabetes in the world. We were able to find a great sponsor that helped us cover the cost to tell our story and the story of the beautiful people in India. I must say when you first arrive its a big culture shock. I think the hardest part was the first 15 min from the airpot to the hotel. If you have never been to a third world country this will open your eyes. I would say it will take someone who may not have done alot of traveling a good day or two to swallow all that they will be seeing. Once you get past that, you will be more than happy to get out and meet and see the sights. My goal was to meet Dr’s and film patients and tell the story of why diabetes has such numbers in India. We were able to sit and talk with some of the best Dr’s India has to offer. I must say the time they took for us and the places they went out of their way to show us was life changing. We were able to set up some testing and provide free meters and strips, we were able to help fund some products and supplies that one clinic needed. The people were so warm and loving and thankful. This is a place where your focus is on living and not so much on material things. I felt like i was reborn and looked at life a whole new way. We hope we did a good job of sharing what India meant to me. I must say the food was good but if you find a local restaurant in your area it may be pretty close to what you will get in India itself. You do have to take alot of mosquito spray with you, and make sure you dont drink the water or use the ice, thats only because your system is not used to it and make make you sick. Other than that you will meet great friends and kind loving people. I cant wait to go back and share the film with them and see the good friends we made on this amazing trip. I hope you enjoy the video.