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ImageWhen i was about 6 years old, i met whom was to become the man who would change my life. Of course my dad played a role as he raised me. But it was this man who took a few moments and take me into the hallway of a hotel in NYC to play soccer. This man was Bob Marley. I was able to meet him another time at his hotel room I want to say about a year later. At this point he was not doing so well and we sat in the living room of the hotel and talked about a few things I’m sure i don’t remember. We did talk about this brown bag he had on the table that had his locks in the bag. He told me that he was sick and we ate some grapes and i went back into the room to play with some toys. That exchange was enough to make the man I feel i am today. I was able to see a man who help change lives of millions across the world. That man help inspire his own people and take them to new levels. That man spread music of hope and peace to people and places they would never have heard his message. Till this day he keeps me going as he was able to come out of Trench town Jamaica, a place that can be hard and rough and for many there is not much hope. This man is my uncle. This is why I do what I do for diabetes. It’s in my blood to do something amazing and help people and leave my mark in somehow. It’s not a selfish movement but a movement that needs to be done. There are many that just do their jobs, they play an important part. But when it’s all said and done and when we leave this earth, we must ask what did we leave and what did we take. My life is not about me, my life is about others. Like my uncle once said,”He don’t have no ambitions” I took that to mean, he was not trying to be anything in this life, he was here to give. He was not focused on houses or cars or a title.. He was here to be a man who helped inspire people like you and me to do something out of the ordinary. Yes I