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I hope you all will follow my journey as this journey becomes a nationwide mission to share many stories of those with diabetes. I just got back from VA and had a great photo shoot for my new cookbook. I must say it was a true pleasure. I worked a half day and every free second i had i was able  to make phone calls for the RV tour. I must say the rewarding feeling of putting all this together and seeing how this dream is so close to being a reality warms my heart. I also got great news from the RV maker and we should have the RV in about 20 days or so. More great companies keep coming and coming, It truly lets me know that the second one will be even bigger than this one. I think for many reasons, one because of an email i got today from a lady from Canada. She must have found me online somehow, i don’t know where, but she sent me an email and was so exited to meet me and told me her daughter has type 1 and she wanted to work with me and have me on her radio show and if i could come to Canada. Then i had a tweet from another chef that does diabetic recipes from another part of the world wanting to do a TV show together, I thought to myself when this hits the road can you imagine the tens of thousands, from care givers to people living with diabetes that will want to be apart, that will want to share their stories, that will want to help make the next one even that much bigger. It truly warms my heart. I can’t wait to hit the road and do daily updates and small video clips for all of you. To have the media embrace this tour and allow millions to know that change is coming for diabetes. Here are some pics from the farm we shot at. Also please share with me your thoughts on diabetes and what you would like to do for others, maybe we can make it happen with you.