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As i sit outside of my home i start to feel very excited about the RV tour. I cant wait to get on the road and have so many great stops lined up. I think one of the most exciting is the fact that this mission and journey is coming 360. When i first started this i could have never of thought that i would be here today. When i was diagnosed being a face of diabetes was not my first thought. It has also been amazing having the support of great people that help each day go by. Having great companies at this point that believe in you because of the good work your doing. I really want to get our shirts made with our logos, and our recipes cards and the RV wrapped. I feel like a kid in a candy store that can get out here and do something positive. I wanted to keep this very much for the people. The people are the key, and being able to reach them where they can touch you and see you and know your fighting for them is so key. The diabetic you means YOU. Get ready for alot more post, im loving sharing my thoughts and this journey. First stop Orlando the Tampa then Miami.